What’s in a Zero Waster’s Bag and Car?

So this is a picture of my trusted hemp bag and small make up bag from Hemporium in Westlake.  I bought them in November 2016 and literally have used them every single day.  I was on a Zero Waste forum the other day and saw a post from a lady asking when going Zero waste did one start carrying a bigger bag?  I had little laugh to myself as mine IS big, though more by accident as I just loved the stripe, handles and sturdiness of the bag.  I didn’t know just how useful it would be as I needed the extra space because of my Zero waste lifestyle.  I don’t carry them all at once but swop out what I think I will need for that day.

I also have a boot full of Zero waste items that I may need if I go out or shopping!

A lot of people complain that they always forget their reusables when they go shopping or leave the house without it.  That’s why I always have spare bags in my car just in case.  I have them in my handbag, inside my car and in my boot.  I must admit though with reusable containers, bottles, coffee cups, water bottle, utensils….those seem to be the items that I tend to forget at home if I’ve just washed or refilled them.  But I really try and keep spare in the car so it just means going back to my boot and getting whatever I need.  There have been times that I needed the boot space and then just transfer everything to the back seat of my car. No big deal really.  My family is now used to my zero waste goodies being part of me!

In my bag:


  *Diary (still old fashioned!)

  *Small make up bag (a girl still needs this!)

  *Glass jar with Xylitol as I only have this sweetener (waste free as well)

  *Reading glasses in pouch

  *Reusable shopping bag and produce bags

  *Utensils in drawstring bag