Your Home is a Treasure Trove

I’ve always enjoyed old and vintage things so when becoming more sustainable, whichever form that may take –zero waste, waste free living or plastic free, when we find items that have been in existence since we were a child or remember our parents or grandparents using them, it can bring back fond memories.

The above items are exactly that….a treasure trove not worth much to anyone but memories of days gone by.  The best thing about them, is that they are still around and can be put to good use…once again!

My old hankerchiefs from when I was a child. I had forgotten about them and found them quite by accident one day in a box.  Drawstring bags which my granny used as shoebags now have a new purpose as bulk bags. I found a fountain pen which I used when I was in high school. It’s now been put to daily (pity about the plastic cartridge but nevertheless better than a plastic pen!)  Lastly an old brown stationery holder that my Dad had on his desk for years.  Now it’s on my desk and gets used daily too. No more ugly plastic pens, plastic stationery holders, plastic produce bags and throw away tissues.

Have a look around your home and you’ll be surprised what you may find.  Be cheeky and ask parents if you can look through their cupboards to see what ‘treasures’ are there. Chances are these items will be well made made, sturdy and can once again be loved, reused and repurposed!