Your Home is a Treasure Trove

I’ve always enjoyed old and vintage things so when becoming more sustainable, whichever form that may take –zero waste, waste free living or plastic free, when we find items that have been in existence since we were a child or remember our parents or grandparents using them, it can bring back fond memories. The above […]

Zero Waste Tea and Tea Bags

There is suddenely a buzz about tea bags.  It seems that there is also plastic in tea bags. Who knew? There is a clip doing the rounds on Facebook of a BBC2 video showing plastic being mixed with the paper of the tea bag.  It also is resource intensive in terms of the amount of […]

What’s in a Zero Waster’s Bag and Car?

So this is a picture of my trusted hemp bag and small make up bag from Hemporium in Westlake.  I bought them in November 2016 and literally have used them every single day.  I was on a Zero Waste forum the other day and saw a post from a lady asking when going Zero waste […]

Beauty Products and Glass Jars

After becoming more aware of the problem of plastic and plastic packaging, and in an effort to become more zero waste I was on a mission to find beauty products that came in bottles rather than plastic.  This was not an easy task.  I only found two brands in bottles.  Since then a few more […]