Beauty Products and Glass Jars

After becoming more aware of the problem of plastic and plastic packaging, and in an effort to become more zero waste I was on a mission to find beauty products that came in bottles rather than plastic.  This was not an easy task.  I only found two brands in bottles.  Since then a few more have come onto the market. Yah!  I found a liquid hand wash and cleanser from Organic Machine which has a wonderful scent but was expensive.  Similarly my face products from Esse Probiotics which I absolutely love but also find a bit on the expensive side.  That being said, I have a more mature skin and rosea problems so prefer to buy organic, natural products targeted for sensitive skins.

Over the last year I have tweaked the use of my products and beauty regime.  As a cleanser I now use Pure Simple Castille soap.  I love this soap and it doesn’t seem to dry my skin out.  My toner is in a glass bottle from Back 2 Nature  which also has a lovey scent.  My moisturiser from Esse is from the Sensitive range.  I sometimes mix the moisturiser with Almond Oil when I feel I need a bit more moisture or at night.

When the products are finished I’m left with a lovely collection of brown glass  jars…..ready to be reused time and time again.

There is a lovely shop called Rain in Cavendish and The Waterfront.  Quite by accident one day, I saw they dispensed liquid soap.  So the next time I took my Esse glass pump container and had it filled with their hand wash and it only cost around R25 for a refill.  I also took in a brown reused Esse moisturiser bottle to Rain and refilled with Almond Oil which was around R10 for half a jar.

I used to love shopping at Clicks for beauty products and the 3 for 2 specials!  Now I just love buying and reusing what I’ve got and also making some DIY products.  We’ll chat about this in another post.