Amazing Health and Zero Waste benefits of Baking Soda

Being a Zero Waster I just love the fact that I can still buy good old Bicarbonate of Soda aka Baking Soda in a Cardboard box and paper!  Now days everything is packaged in plastic.  Ideally if I was living near an unpackaged store I would be taking in my container or glass jar to refill it, so a cardboard box is the next best option.  From the box I decant into my shaker glass container for cleaning around the kitchen with vinegar.  I then store the rest in a lovely large vintage glass jar which my mother had in her kitchen ever since I can remember.  

So what is Baking Soda:

It’s a 100% sodium bicarbonate which can be used as a leavening agent in baked goods.  When mixed with acid, baking soda reacts making bubbles and gives off a carbon dioxide gas which causes dough to rise. 

Uses of Baking Soda in a zero waste home:

*can be used as a tooth-powder (mix with coconut oil and essential oil).  I add a bit of Xylitol just for a bit of sweetness.  Helps promote whitening and reduces plaque build up.

*can be used for minor injuries such as insect bites, bee stings and sunburn

*can be used as a natural deodorant, foot soak or exfoliate (mix with coffee or brown sugar)

*a mixture of baking soda and water can help relieve heartburn or indigestion

*can be used to clean sinks and counter-tops by making a paste and a squirt of vinegar

*natural deodoriser for food odours in the fridge and even smelly shoes!

*a simple an effective drain cleaner (mixed with apple cider vinegar)

*soak burnt pans in hot water with baking soda

*clean baby toys

*used to clean and polish silver cutlery (must be used with aluminium foil)

The best thing about Baking Soda is that it is also cheap.  A box costs around R20, making it one of the least expensive home remedies to keep on hand.  A must in any household, that’s for sure.